Coffee Cuppings + Tastings

Coffee Cuppings + Tastings in RVA

As our amazing coffee community grows, we have more and more exciting coffees to taste and share! At River City Coffee we believe that having more opportunities to cup and taste coffees benefits everyone, and so we make a special effort to share and promote opportunities like this around our community, in addition to hosting regular Industry Cuppings.

Regularly- Scheduled Public Coffee Cuppings

As of 3/8/2019, we know of two weekly public coffee cuppings in the Richmond, VA Area:

If you are hosting a weekly public cupping that isn’t listed here, please let us know! We would love to share that information and send some folks your way!

River City Coffee Industry Cuppings

River City Coffee hosts Industry Cuppings on about a monthly basis at different coffee shops and roasteries around the Richmond, VA area. These cuppings are not open to the public, and are reserved for coffee professionals. At these cuppings, we share coffees from multiple different roasters and shops from around our community and elsewhere. For information about upcoming industry cuppings, follow us on Instagram or send us an email. If you are a local roaster or coffee professional and would like to share your coffee at an upcoming R.C.C. Industry cupping, please do! You are welcome to shoot us an email to let us know, but you are not required to RSVP to bring coffee. We just ask that you arrive a couple of minutes before the event’s start time to make sure that your coffee can be accounted for during setup.

If you would like us to host an upcoming Industry cupping in your space, let us know! As a community-focused organization, we are committed to our cuppings being a place where our coffee community can share their coffee, which means we do not host exclusive cuppings that feature coffees from only one single roaster. However, if you would like to host a cupping or tasting event for your specific coffees, we definitely encourage you to do that, and will happily promote, share, and likely attend your event!

Coffee Cupping and Tasting Events

As mentioned above, River City Coffee does not host single-roaster Industry Cuppings. However, if you would like to host a cupping or tasting event to showcase your coffee, we highly encourage you to do so! Please send us the information so we can share it with our community!

If you are looking for information about upcoming events, please check our Instagram!